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And just like that, we’re now saying goodbye to January. I can’t believe we’re one month down already. So far, 2019 has been good. A lot of things happened including my little mishaps at work, but I’m proud of myself for not letting it get to me like it always does. But before we get into my realizations this January, here’s a little monthly wrap up –

► Company planning happened first week of January in Las Casas. It’s something we do annually to discuss and plan what’s in store for the company and for our artists every year.

► First shoot of the year! I always get anxious whenever I have to do studio shoots because I’m pretty much aware of my lack of knowledge when it comes to proper lighting and whatnot, but this one turned out great.

► Second time attending Sinulog with Empoy for M’Lhuillier, which was soooo fun!

► YOU GUUUUUYS!!!! If there’s one thing that I will not forget about January, it’s this hair cut!!! I never had my hair this short and I never thought I’d love it this muuuuch!!!! I’ve always wanted to try this, but knowing that my face is round why would I even dare, right? But 2019 is about trying things I’ve always wanted to try so I started with this, and I’m happy I did 🙂

► My friend and I got our second tattoos. If you guys need an artist recommendation, let me know 🙂

► I started sleeping earlier than the usual after deleting Rules of Survival on my phone. I never realized how addicted I was until I deleted it.

► I’m slowly learning to forgive myself whenever I make mistakes. I was so hard on myself last year whenever I feel like I’ve disappointed someone or whenever I fail to do what is asked of me for whatever reason. It’s nice knowing that I am finally acknowledging the fact that I am still learning, and there are things that I have to learn the hard way, which is fine. We all have to go through it to be better versions of ourselves.

► I started tracking my finances last week of January. I was looking for Money Diaries blog posts because I’m thinking of doing that series on my blog whilst hoping I won’t be lazy enough to keep up with it lol. If you guys know anyone who blogs about it, please please please let me know!! I’d appreciate it so much!!!

That’s it for January. It’s quite a busy month, but nevertheless it was fun! My excitement for 2019 still remains, which is very new to me because knowing myself, I’d be dreading life by now…but noooope.

Happy Love month to you all! ♡

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