I’ve been meaning to write this the night before my 25th birthday, but I just couldn’t find the right words to start. I don’t want this to be another excuse as to why I’ve been inactive. I seriously thought it’s gonna be different after re-launching my blog again for the nth time. But every year I find myself doing the exact same posts like “Where Have I Been?” or “What I’ve Been Up To”. I was actually thinking of deleting everything again and start anew because I’m fickle-minded like that. But, I realized no matter how many times I wanted a fresh start in blogging, I’d always end up not posting months after, sometimes a year. So here I am, just writing whatever that comes out of my mind because that’s what this blog is supposed to be…an outlet for my thoughts.

So… Hi! Let’s start over!

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  • Oh, hi! I can totally feel you. I do love blogging but there are times when I no longer see the purpose of my passion. That’s why I always end up not posting for months.

    It feels good to blog when we don’t pressure ourselves. 🙂

    Wannderzel by Hazel

    • first of, welcome back Hazel! <3 and yes it's always 100x better if we don't pressure ourselves, tho sometimes you just can't help it haha. It's so hard, even after relaunching thinking you have everything figured out for the blog haha