Oh boy! I haven’t done this thing in years.

It’s almost 2AM and I still haven’t figured out how to start this blog post. I’ve had several posts about giving blogging another shot and was thinking of just recycling them, but I feel like a lot of things have changed and doing it wouldn’t mean a thing.

I’ve been blogging since G knows when. It started as a pastime that became an outlet. A reminder that there are things outside of what I do that I enjoy and makes me happy, until it wasn’t anymore. I don’t know, maybe because I got pressured to have something to blog about because other bloggers have better things to offer. That’s when it felt like work. Blogging felt like I need to keep the do do do just to prove that I deserve the little space on the internet that’s named after me. I lost interest in things I used to love. I end up doing nothing in my free time. I became so uninspired. Blogging was supposed to be an escape, something where I can just write and be me without thinking about what other people have to say about me and what I do.

There wasn’t a day that I never thought about having my own space on the internet again, but knowing that I’m a certified fickle minded person, I just brush the thought off. December last year tho, after my trip to Taiwan, I was so determined to start blogging again and bought a domain and a theme on a whim and impulse, which I totally forgot until March. Despite remembering my spur of the moment purchase, I still didn’t do anything about it. Why? Because I don’t care anymore. I miss it, but I’m completely willing to let that thing go.

Boy was I wrong.

So here I am, giving blogging another shot! 🙂

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  • I’m so happy you’re back, Ate Danica. I never knew that I’d be back on this field again. I never pictured my 2018 involved blogging since I still don’t have the internet connection to continue this passion. In fact, going back wasn’t an impulsive decision or something I prepared. I don’t even have a domain but I just started. I think so long as you have this desire, you’ll go back to blogging whenever and however it takes. I feel you when you said that blogging could be such a work but I don’t mind it. As an opinionated person, I’d express what I want to tell and that’s how my blog serves me and the rest follows.

    • Thank you Augustin! And yes, as long as you have the desire you’ll always go back to the things that set your heart on fire 🙂 So happy you’re back as well!!!

    • Yes, comparison does suck the fun out of everything. It’s so hard not to compare tho, but you gotta fight the demons lol. Thank you so much, Chantel! 🙂

  • Welcome back Danicaaaa 🙂 so happy to see you give blogging another try. looking forward to reading your upcoming posts :3