#DanicaMeetsWorld: When In Bantyan Island

Bantayan Island

Earlier this year, my friends and I impulsively booked a flight to Cebu to unwind. We only have a day to explore one of the famous Islands in Cebu, and another for the city. Since our time in Cebu is very limited, we’ve decided to just go to Bantayan Island located in the northern end of Cebu.

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What I’ve Been Up To + Life Lately

I’ve been MIA on my blog for like a month or so, and I can’t believe I let months fly without having decent blog posts. I won’t make any excuses as to why  because like most bloggers, I have moments when I feel uninspired too. I tried working on my backlogs for a hundred times, tried to come up with something, or anything for that matter, but I just can’t find the right words to suffice my desire to write. Anyhow, I am back now with of course, an update.

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Mixtape Mondays: Rainy Soundtrack


I’ve always wanted to have a playlist section on my blog, but never really had the time to make one *another lame excuse from Danica Rama, everyone*.

Anyway, Mixtape Mondays is a new series inspired by Lauren and Camie. It’s not gonna be a weekly thing tho, but expect a playlist from me once or twice a month. For today’s playlist, I chose Rainy Soundtrack as it is very timely. I don’t know about you guys, but I always love cold rainy days. Not when I have to go out tho lol.

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Liebster Award 2016


I’ve been a lazy blogger, I admit. I haven’t posted anything since my Goodbye August, Hello September blog post, and that’s because a lot has happened since. I tried working on my backlogs despite having a bad month, but I was just not motivated enough to finish one. With no comeback post, I was lucky enough to be nominated by Richel of Richel Goes Places for the Liebster Award – “an award that exists only in the internet, and is given to bloggers by bloggers.” Anyhow, I wasn’t really expecting to be nominated in any of these, because uhm…who am I and this little of space of mine to be recognized? But daaaang I am beyond overwhelmed and blown away by the fact, that someone have recognized me, and that means a lot for me already.

Part of the rule is to answer 11 questions by the person who nominated you, and to make my own set of questions for the bloggers that I’ll be nominating.

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Goodbye August, Hello September

September is the official start of ber months, which is also the start of Christmas countdown. Daaaang I can’t believe we’re (-THIS-) close to December and January. Anyhow, earlier this year I was expecting that by this time, I am already close to living the dream. Well, maybe not close, but a step ahead. The thing is, life happened so I have to wait…again. The good thing about it tho is I have another year to save and prepare for whatever is needed of me. If you’ve read my  Goodbye June, Hello July post you’d know what I’m talking about. But yaaaas forget about that because all I need in life right now is to be genuinely happy with everything that’s going on in my life, and to start and end each month with a more positive vibe.

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#DanicaMeetsWorld: When In Laguna

When in Laguna

Last year, May of 2015 to be exact my dad’s home for my graduation and he planned a trip going to Laguna to meet his friends who were also in PH that time, and of course for us to bond. Laguna is in the South of the Philippines, and we’re coming from the North which means one thing…road trip. I don’t know about you guys but road trips always excite me. I just love the idea of leaving the house while it’s still dark, watching the sunrise on the road, windows down enjoying the cold wind as you tuck yourself in the car with your blanket and pillow. And ahhhhh stop overs for food and coffee, who doesn’t love that?

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Thoughts on Extrajudicial Killing of a 21-year old filipina


Extrajudicial killing according to Wikipedia is the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process. The Philippines had numerous incidences of extrajudicial killings since newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte started his term.

Some Filipinos think it’s a good thing, others think it’s unethical and very inhumane. I’ve seen thousands of arguments being thrown all over social media about this issue. People debating on facebook posts and twitter trying to prove his/her own opinion. Some comments make sense, they have a point. Most comments, uhmmm….idk, they sound like fans trying to defend their idols.

I myself tho, don’t know where I stand in this issue. I’ve decided to share my thoughts about this just to get this out once and for all. Every time I see people arguing on facebook/twitter, I always feel like I want to get involved with the thread, but never did because I don’t know if it’s worth my time. Still, it bugs me not having able to voice it out. Not that it matters, and not that people would care about what I wanna say, but I want to.

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Goodbye July, Hello August


Goodbye July, Hello August

Oh wow, hi August! This time last year, I was what? Uh i don’t know. Contemplating on life maybe. Stressing myself over work and whatnot. 2 weeks after is my sister’s 19th birthday, the same day when my grandfather died. How tragic right? Well wow! I can’t believe it’s been a year. I can still remember how I tried to keep myself together, how I tried to keep myself sane because I had to call our office manager and ask if I could take a leave. Well guess what, the moment I uttered the word “Ms.” I burst into tears.

My grandfather always drives me to Dangwa (a flower market in the Philippines) whenever I have to buy flowers to surprise my mom, but the same month last year, for the first and the last time, the person who always goes to Dangwa with me became the reason why I went there. And no, not to surprise him, but to buy him flowers for his funeral.

Ehhh but enough of that, I know he doesn’t want us to remember him like this. So yaaaas how was July for you guys? Mine’s pretty fun and productive I guess. Continue Reading

After Midnight Hits | 01

smoking 2

smoking 3smoking 1

You smoke more than the usual…and stress is the easiest answer you could think of for your action, when the truth is, you want to get rid of the taste of him on your lips. You want to get rid of the marks he left and the pain buried in your chest. Every time a cigarette is in your mouth is a chance not to mention his name. Every time a stick is lit, you hope that the smoke that comes from it would take the sting away…but it doesn’t. And never will.

Soon, all the sticks are used up leaving trails of burnt matches. You’ll then realize that what’s left is the taste of him on your lips and the sad reality that he’s gone.

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Goodbye June, Hello July

Goodbye June, Hello July

What happened to June? I feel like the last time I wrote a Goodbye, Hello series was a week ago…uh that was OA, but seriously that’s how it feels. Today marks the start of the second half of the year, which excites and scares me to be honest. You know, thinking about the resolutions and the plans you have back in January, it’s like I don’t know if I’m making progress.

A lot has happened this month tho, and an awful event will not make it to this month’s wrap up because just by thinking about it still hits me at the lowest possible level and I’m still trying to move on from the embarrassment it caused me and my existence chos haha (this part sounds like a joke, but whatever).

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